The 800 Pound Employee The 800 Pound Employee

Talk to "me" about your project
Our Project Manager is YOUR 800lb EMPLOYEE.
Our Project Managers are here to help!

The Problem.

Hiring individuals with specific skills for one project can be expensive.
  • Does the technology employed match business reasoning?
  • Do marketing efforts match what was built?
  • Can you directly measure ROI from the project?

The Solution.

You need a team of highly skilled programmers, with a Project Manager leading the team with your business' ROI needs at the forefront.

We build custom applications and websites that work harder. Our Project Management team is well versed in a wide variety of industry-standard solutions, and we pride ourselves in our ability to connect with your team on a deeper level, assuring we both succeed.  

Hiring the 800 Pound Employee gives you immediate access to world-class talent with different skill sets.