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Outsource a EpiServer Developer

EpiServer is a powerful CMS that allows the user to create content on the fly with workflow process management. The platform allows administrators to use digital content management.

To secure content, we have integrated EpiServer with BuyDRM KeyOS in order for admins to set other sub-users permissions to see only content which they are authorized to see. We work alongside our clients to create custom, engaging designs to connect with their target demographic to maximize conversions. Our systems support the subscription business model that allows recurring billing, making the system simple, yet effective enough to use for customers.

Our development team has trained with EpiServer to ensure we are efficient in the EpiServer framework. This regular training keeps us up to speed with recent developments to ensure we are maximizing the frameworks full potential.

Hire us to be your 800 pound Episerver Developer.

Skills & Experience

CMS Experience

  • EpiServer

Web Services

  • WCF
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • JSON


  • CSS3/Sass
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • (Visual Basic)
  • AngularJS
  • Prototype

Payment Gateway

  • Paypal
  • YourPay
  • Payment Tech
  • Amazon
  • Stripe


  • MsSQL
The 800lb Employee